Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The world wide web

The Bradenton Herald on Monday featured a few local businesses who are either working to launch their first website or are still resisting the technology.
For the story, I spoke with Pedro Perez, vice president of Nuevo Advertising Group, and he had some interesting tips to share on what entrepreneurs should consider when creating or maintaining a website for their business.
Keep these three major points in mind when developing a website: Form, function and design.
"If you're going to go about doing it yourself you have to make sure the website functions," Perez said. "Then there's form; how does it look and how does it come across to the consumer. Be it good or bad it's going to represent the company."
Finally, there's design. The website's design should be a good balance of well thought out graphics and content for consumers.
"If you have a very beautiful website that you cannot navigate or find content on it's not doing its job," Perez said. "If the business owner doesn't care enough to update (the website) then why should the consumer care."

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